The governor is implementing tighter restrictions on gatherings, dropping capacity limits to 25 percent for businesses and industries and limiting indoor gatherings to no more than 10 and outdoor gatherings to 25.
The regulations go into effect on Saturday, Dec. 26, as the state attempts to limit the pandemic fallout from the Christmas holiday.
"Together, the intent of the these restrictions will be to pause activity and reduce mobility, so we can reduce the spread of the virus, without closing our schools, or our businesses," said Gov. Charlie Baker at Tuesday's pandemic briefing.
Occupancy limits apply to restaurant seating capacity, personal services, theaters and performance venues, casinos, offices, places of worship, retail businesses, lodging common areas, libraries, museums and indoor recreation, fitness and entertainment facilities. Occupancy limits do not include employees and staff for restaurants, places of worship, close contact personal services, and retail businesses.
These restrictions do not effect K-12 education, which already has protocols in place.
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