Gene Simmons' next book will delve into the mythology surrounding the "27 club" of celebrities who've died at the age of 27 — as well as the cultural and societal failures that can lead young people to an early grave even after acquiring immense fortune and fame.

Titled 27: The Legend and Mythology of the 27 Club and scheduled for an Aug. 14 release through powerHouse Books, this latest work represents something of a departure for Simmons, whose previous authorial efforts have tended to be memoirs or guides to gaining and/or maintaining wealth and power. Yet it also ties in with Simmons' long-standing interest in championing sobriety as opposed to the stereotypical indulgent rock 'n' roll lifestyle that's contributed to the tragic deaths of many of the stars who will presumably be discussed in this book.

"In 27, rock legend Gene Simmons of Kiss fame, a man with over 10 million album sales and many a story to his name, will serve as our guide to the enigmatic 27 club, examining sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll from the inside, and answering our enduring questions," reads the synopsis in part. "Why do we find ourselves obsessed with the untimely deaths of the famous and the infamous? Is the 27 club just a compelling urban legend? What does age 27 really mean for our most beautiful and damned?"

Yet as Simmons explained during a recent appearance on WRIF 101.1 FM (via Blabbermouth), he didn't really set out to write a book that would play up the supernatural aspects of the "club" — instead, he wants to talk about what lies at the root of self-destructive behavior.

"It's really about when you become rich and famous and everybody admires you, what is that thing that makes people destroy themselves, even to die? What is that?" Simmons wondered. "The rest of the world adores you and your fans love you and they give you money and fame and all that, and then you kill yourself. I don't get it."




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