Edward Esko has been telling people for decades that their diet can directly lead to specific health problems.
iBerkshires.com   reports he's authored more than a dozen books on the subject and founded non-profits aimed at helping people get on better diets to prevent disease. And he sees a big issue coming: Alzheimer's disease.
As the large baby-boomer population moves into the prime age range when the cognitive disease sets in, a lot of people and families will be affected.
To spread the word, Berkshire Holistic Associates is hosting a forum at Eastover Resort on Friday, Aug. 2, on how a plant-based diet can help one avoid Alzheimer's disease.
The free public event is part of the week long Macrobiotic Summer Conference that featured macrobiotic teachers, counselors and chefs.
Esko said the focus of the forum, which begins at 2 p.m., isn't just on the science behind how incorporating more plant-based foods into a diet can help prevent disease but also provides tips to actually do so.
The organization has a food pyramid that looks a bit different from the ones most people traditionally grew up with. Instead of having meat as a large part of it, it is only a small portion. Esko said sometimes animal-based foods are needed in ones diet at small levels. But, he said often people would benefit from eating fewer meals, or go whole days, without animal-based foods.
The forum is free and open to the public.

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