An anti-bullying program administered through the Berkshire District Attorney's office seems to be a big hit in at least one hilltown school.

Principal Heidi Dugal told the Gabriel Abbott Memorial School in the town of Florida has made the bullying prevention program part of their curriculum starting with kindergarten since 2009. On a recent Friday, 3rd graders were playing a game of Anti-bullying Bingo, with each square containing a related word or phrase. Carol Mulcahy, director for community outreach and education for the Berkshire D-A's office, was quoted as saying, "Our words can really hurt someone," describing the feeling of being bullied as "feeling it in your heart."

Dugal also said the school participates in the state's Project 351 student leadership program that dovetails with the district attorney's Strive Leadership Program.

Gabriel Abbott students in Grades 3 through 8 also take part in the Botvin LifeSkills Training Program, which deals with substance abuse prevention. The program also offers certification and training for teachers and a companion evening presentation for parents.

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