Those of us that live or spend any time in the Berkshires know that Berkshire County weather can be very fickle. On a fall day for example it could be 70 degrees outside and then the next day it could be 50 or 40. You never really know when you should put your summer clothing away which also holds true for winter clothing during the spring season.

Berkshire County Tends to Get a Variety of Weather All on the Same Day 

In addition to the changing temperatures, Berkshire County residents sometimes experience sun, rain, and snow all on the same day. Yeah, mother nature really knows how to play tricks on us and keep Berkshire residents and visitors on their toes. There are times you'll need boots, sunglasses, sunscreen, and an umbrella on the same day. This just sounds

You Never Know When Snow Will Make an Appearance in Berkshire County 

One thing that many of us think about this time of year but may not want to admit is when the first snowfall is going to happen. Though I don't have the answer to that question, let's hope it doesn't happen anytime soon. Let's get through Halloween and hopefully Thanksgiving before we see any white powder.

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When Can Berkshire County Residents Expect the First Frost for 2022? This is a Little More Clearer Thanks to a Handy Tool

One thing I can tell you is approximately when Berkshire County residents can expect the first frost of 2022. You see, the Old Farmer's Almanac's website has a nifty "Frost Dates Calculator" where you can enter your town's/city's ZIP or name and the calculator will give you the date. By the way, the dates are coming soon. I looked up a few cities/towns for the Berkshires and here are the dates delivered by the calculator:

  • Pittsfield's Expected First Frost Date:  Oct. 1
  • North Adams' Expected First Frost Date: Sep. 30
  • Great Barrington's Expected First Frost Date: Sep. 29

You can look up your town's expected first frost date by going here. It's a pretty cool tool wouldn't you say?

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