He swears it wasn’t the doughnuts. Or the pizza. Or the Hostess Twinkies.

The New York Post reports a former New York City Police officer who retired and went on disability at age 43 is suing the NYPD, claiming the job made him fat.

Jose Vega, 46, is a former Marine who first joined the NYPD in 1997 when he weighed 180 pounds.

Now Vega, who is 5’ 10” and used to work in the Bronx’s 42nd Precinct, weighs in around 360 pounds.

Vega said, “I went from 250 to 395 pounds in one year,” he said.

Vega insists it was not his eating habits but the slew of health problems brought by the stress of his former police job that led to his massive weight gain.

Warren Roth, Vega’s lawyer, said the job of a cop isn’t conducive to healthy eating.

“It’s easier to pull into McDonald’s and wolf something down when you’re busy,’’ he said.

Vega called it quits in 2014 as the stress and his weight soared.

He retired on $4,000-a-month disability. The following year, he applied for three-quarters disability and argued that his condition was caused by his police work.

But the medical board did not agree: They determined that only about 10 percent of his medical condition was related to job stress.

The NYPD declined comment on the suit. A city Law Department rep said, “We’ll review Mr. Vega’s complaint.”

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