What stresses you out more: a few extra pounds, or a few extra credit card bills?

Online credit checker Credit Karma found that nearly two in five Americans would rather take on about $1,300 in additional debt than gain 10 pounds.

On the other end of the scale (get it?), most people were willing to gain 10 pounds if it meant they could shed $1,000 worth of debt.

While on the subject of gender, about half of the women polled said they wanted to spend less and save more in 2018. Only 38% of men polled said they wanted to do the same.

Even more: To get rid of their debt, one in five people polled would skip sex for a year. More women than men were willing to take the abstinence route by nearly two-to-one. Also, a third would skip chocolate or alcohol to be debt free.

Finally, 38 percent of those polled said they'd exercise six times a week for a year to have their debt deleted, while 45% said they'd clean their bathroom every week to have their red ink cleaned. You mean you don’t clean your bathroom once a week ?

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