We all have prescription drugs in our cabinet that have expired or are no longer needed.  It is dangerous to leave drugs that have expired mixed in with other active prescriptions.  Expired medications could be taken by mistake or even lifted by someone not authorized for its use.  The safest way to dispose of medications is at a drug take-back site.

The North Adams, Pittsfield, and Cheshire Police Departments are all taking part in the bi-annual DEA National Drug Take Back Day tomorrow (April 24th) from 10am to 1pm.  North Adams has had a drug drop off box in the department’s lobby for several years according to the departments Facebook page.  The North Adams Police feel this nationwide event is a great time to promote this important service.  The police department is located at 11 Summer Street in North Adams.  In Pittsfield the collection site will be at the Pittsfield Police Department, located at 39 Allen Street.  In Cheshire drop the meds by the department at 90 Church Street in Cheshire.


The program will accept tablets, capsules, patches and other solid forms of medication. Vape pens and other e-cigarette devices will also be accepted by the DEA after the batteries are removed. They will not be able to accept any liquids, intravenous solutions, syringes and other sharps.

Never throw medications in the trash and only specific medications can be flushed down the toilet according to the guidance by the FDA if a drug take-back site is not available.  Those drugs on the FDA Flush List fall in the Opioid category where the FDA feels it is safer to flush an Opioid rather than the drug falling into the wrong hands.  The agency is on record as stating they feel the risk of harm from toxicity or death to a person is greater than the potential risk on the water supply and the environment.  Click here for information on the FDA's Drug Take Back Day.

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