Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be cast in a movie? Maybe it's something that you have dreamed about or have had on your bucket list? Did you think that by being a resident of Berkshire County, you're chances of landing a movie role were a bit slim? Well, that's about to change as we have some good news for you. If being cast in a movie is something you have wanted to do but didn't know how to approach this goal, there is an opportunity waiting for you and if you live in Berkshire County, even better.

Berkshire County Residents Have The Opportunity to Be Cast in a Featured Film and Make Some Cool Cash to Boot

As noted in a previous article, Hudson Valley Casting is seeking people to be cast in a feature film entitled 'Brothers Blood" which will start filming in May and June of this year. They're looking for people over the age of 18 and one of the requirements is you have to live within two hours of Albany which is a perfect fit for Berkshire County residents who are interested. In addition, if you receive a speaking role in the film, you'll make $686 per day. That is certainly a nice chunk of change.

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I Live in Berkshire County, What Do I Need to Do to Sign Up? What's the Deadline?

There's even more good news for Berkshire County residents who are interested in being cast in this film. The original deadline was set to be this Friday evening (May 20) at 6:00 pm but guess what? The deadline has been extended to this Monday, May 23. If you are interested in signing up and possibly landing a role on the big screen, all you have to do is follow the instructions by going here. So, whether you live in Pittsfield, North Adams, Great Barrington, or anywhere in between, this opportunity is calling your name. Good luck.

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