An incident in Western Mass this morning could have led to a much more dangerous situation. According to the Greenfield Police, they responded to a motor vehicle crash around 7:30 on the General Pierce Bridge that links Greenfield to Montague in Western Massachusetts.

Car Smashed Through "Road Closed" Barricades

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There were a variety of different issues related to this accident. One of the main notes pointed out in the report was that the bridge was actually closed and under construction. According to Greenfield Police, the driver traveling from Montague towards Greenfield smashed through “road closed” barricades and continued over the deconstructed bridge until it “fell off the decking and onto the exposed I-beams” according to police. As you can see by the pictures posted on the Greenfield Police Department Facebook page, there is not any solid material under the tires as the 2015 Nissan is balancing precariously on the steel I-beams.

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The car was found by work crews arriving at the bridge worksite. According to the Greenfield Police, construction workers assisted the female driver from the vehicle to safety where she was then transported by ambulance to Franklin Medical Center for evaluation. The unidentified driver has been charged with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol and other numerous civil infractions according to police.

A local tow company will have a fresh “remember the time” story to tell after removing the vehicle from the bridge. There was no report of the current condition of the driver or of additional damage to the bridge outside of the smashed barricades at the time of the posting.

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