Get ready to take a step back in time to a happier era when pet rocks ruled, Farrah’s hairdo reigned supreme and AM radio brought you the music that defined the decade.

On Saturday, Sept. 14, the 70s tribute band “45 RPM” takes the stage at the Colonial Theater in Pittsfield.

45 RPM features six highly skilled singers and musicians from Long Island that perform a treasure trove of songs that are so recognizable, you will find yourself singing and dancing along.

Critics have called the show “the happiest show on earth.”

Tickets for 45 RPM at the Colonial Theater on Saturday, Sept. 14 are available at the Colonial Theater box office or online by going here

Tickets are $20 for gallery seating and $28 dollars for orchestra and balcony seating.  The ticket charge is included in the price.

Planet Fitness and Bedard Brothers are sponsoring the concert event.

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