Long island's native son in his younger days as he does NOT look like that anymore, but at age 74 you can STILL say that Billy Joel can deliver the goods while on stage LIVE. As a weekend treat, Massachusetts TV viewers were either plugged in to channel 6, WRGB-TV, WSHM-TV, channel 3 and CBS 4, Boston (WBZ-TV). All CBS affiliates decided to air his 100th milestone concert at Madison Square Garden, (that was the closest for yours truly to see him LIVE)  but Bay State viewers were deprived of the show's final moments and that just did NOT sit well with his fans watching on the small screen (present company included)

The Masters - Final Round
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At 11:30 on Sunday night, he was performing an encore of his signature song "Piano Man". Seconds later, ALL CBS affiliates switched to local news coverage. The network attested this was in part to a computer programming error, but I find that hard to believe. NO they did NOT cut extensive coverage of The Masters and did they have to air an episode of "Tracker" (that should have been pre-empted) in it's entirety. God forbid, they omit "60 Minutes" due to the delayed time, but a show everybody was looking forward to became the sacrificial lamb.

Football and Yellow Helmet

This was a throwback to when NBC abruptly cut the end of a Jets game in 1968 so they can air the move "Heidi" which was scheduled to start at 7 pm. Football fans were incensed at this move which leads me to believe there is no substantial time table when airing live sports on the air. So how will CBS correct this error?

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The Tiffany network will rebroadcast this long awaited concert on Friday night at 9 pm from start to finish. You'll get to see the tail end of the missing puzzle, but there a few days where the waiting is the hardest part. Check your listings for the channel that airs CBS programming on Friday and enjoy the show!

Live Audience

BOTTOM LINE: One thing I did not like was when they kept showing insipid members of the audience acting like fools while watching the show. I understand they were having a good time, but this was Billy Joel's moment to shine, so he should've had the camera time but I guess they'll do anything just to be on TV. At least, we'll have a second chance to see this historical show as CBS is doing the right thing to correct their error.

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Let's not forget the band members who also enhanced this special musical presentation. To paraphrase: "This concert ROCKED!"

(Featured image of Billy Joel courtesy of https://www.billyjoel.com/photos/official-glossies/)

(Photo image of Billy Joel and his band courtesy of his web site: https://www.billyjoel.com/band/)

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