There are many celebrities that either live in Massachusetts or were born in the Bay State. Whether it's Boston, Worcester, the Berkshires, Springfield, Framingham, Cape Cod, etc, Massachusetts holds its own as a state that has many famous folks either residing in or vacationing in our great state from time to time and who can blame them? When you combine our scenic views, wide open spaces, and rich culture, who wouldn't want to have Massachusetts in their lives?

There's No Question That Massachusetts is Also a Great State for Sports Enthusiasts

Another thing that Massachusetts is known for is our passionate sports fans, particularly fans of the Boston Red Sox. There's no doubt that we love our team and will fight for them tooth and nail no matter how the season is going. Sure, some Red Sox fans like to complain when the team is losing and gloat when they're winning but that's just part of being a fan, isn't it?

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Returning to our famous people discussion, not only do the Red Sox have some of the most passionate fans around, that passion extends to the celebrity world. As a matter of fact, here are 42 famous people that love the Boston Red Sox. Are you on board?

These 42 Celebrities are Red Sox Fans

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