Former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz was reported in stable condition this morning after being shot in his native Dominican Republic Sunday night. reported Ortiz was shot in the back by a motorcyclist who approached him at the Dial Discotheque in his hometown of Santo Domingo, according to Felix Durán Mejia, a spokesman for the Dominican National Police. Doctors who performed surgery immediately after the attack said the shot exited through Ortiz's abdomen without damaging any vital organs.

Multiple people have been detained in connection with the shooting, Durán Mejia said. It's unclear whether those detained include the motorcyclist.

The Dominican Health Service said in a statement that one of the suspects was being treated at a local hospital after being beaten up by bystanders as he tried to escape. An investigation is continuing.

Ortiz's father, Leo Ortiz, told ESPN, "Doctors say that David is out of danger, thank God. What they have told me post-op is that the doctors believe he will recover quickly." And he added: "Big Papi will be around for a long time.''


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