This past Sunday, August 8, at approximately 10:57 that night, the Bennington Police Department and Bennington Rescue responded to a motor vehicle crash involving a pedestrian in the area of 131 Northside Drive, Bennington, VT.

Upon arrival, officers located a 20-year-old male lying on the north side of the roadway later identified to be Joshua Hamilton, 19, of Bennington, VT. Police and Bennington Rescue personnel treated the pedestrian on the scene for a head injury. The pedestrian did have to be airlifted to Albany Medical Center for injuries sustained in the crash and the extent of his injuries is not known at this time.

Officers learned the pedestrian was riding a skateboard towards traffic when struck by a 2004 Subaru Legacy being operated by Brody Farnum, 26, of Bennington, Vermont. The vehicle was traveling in the opposite direction at the time of the crash.

Bennington Rural Fire Department assisted with traffic control while the scene was being investigated. The road was closed for approximately 1.5 hours.

This crash is still under investigation and anyone with information should contact Sgt. Roscoe Harrington at 802-442-1030 or through our website at

If You are walking after dark remember you can increase your visibility at night by carrying a flashlight when walking and wearing reflective clothing, such as reflective vests. Cross streets at a designated crosswalk or intersection whenever possible. Walk on a sidewalk or path instead of the road. Walk on the shoulder and facing traffic if a sidewalk or path is not available. Avoid using electronic devices like earbuds or walking if you have been using alcohol or drugs They can cause distractions and impair judgment and coordination.

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