First of all, happy new year! Now that we're officially in the winter of 2024, there is now hope that Massachusetts could see some snow after all this season. Even though I don't mind a mild winter but that skiers and snowmobilers beg to differ.

When could Massachusetts see this snow?

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WBZ/CBS News Boston
WBZ/CBS News Boston

Pictured above is not a mistake. Besides ski resorts that make their snow, there is literally no impact of snow across the region. But this could all change for Monday as according to NBC10 Boston, Clouds will thicken on Wednesday ahead of a storm system that is going to be rolling out of the Midwest. As this system passes and develops, it will have the ability to generate precipitation of patchy light snow early in the day. As a result it's possible for Western Massachusetts to be placed in the 6 to 12 inch range.

They also made aware that you may see some outrageous snow maps being posted on social media this week and to not go by them until a final decision is made by the end of the week. Snow predictions are always overdone this far in advance which always seems to cause a panic for many New England residents. So, no need to stock up on milk and bread just yet.

Of course, nothing compares to what happened when Massachusetts saw 2 feet of snow. Also well known as the blizzard of 1978!

Were you around during the Blizzard of 1978? Tell us more about your experience in our app! 

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