A document meant to divide the community brought scores of residents together on Friday evening in search of healing.

iBerkshires.Com reports the weekly vigil for racial justice at Field Park concluded with a 1.3-mile walk up Main Street (Route 2) to the junction with Colonial Avenue.
There, activists and residents of the neighborhood — many protesters themselves — talked about how to deal with the hateful legacy of the exclusionary covenants that still accompany deeds to homes in the development known as Colonial Village.
An emotional Bilal Ansari told the crowd that he was thinking about his great-grandfather and great-grandmother, who were buried just across the street in East Lawn Cemetery.
"Remember a time when people because of the color of my skin were not welcome here," said Ansari, who this week was appointed to a newly forming town committee on equity and inclusion.
"John Barrett, our state representative, was quick to respond and do further legal research needed to propose legislation. Last night, he wrote to us to say that he would be filing that legislation this week."
Friday evening, Barrett confirmed that the bill is in the hopper, and he said he expects it will have a number next week.

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