The Autism Collaborative of Berkshire County will hold its quarterly workshop on Friday, March 6. Registration starts at 8:30, with the workshop from 9 AM-Noon in the 3rd floor student center at CIP, 40 Main Street, Lee. It's open to families, K-12 educators and service providers.

Topics include "The ABCs of Behavior Management", in which participants will have a general understanding of behavior principles and variables affecting behavior and will learn about replacement behaviors and the importance of implementing positive behavior supports both at home and in school.

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The workshop will also address social and mental health challenges for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. CIP staff will be presenting two evidence based practice modules used to support students through social and clinical challenges at the CIP Berkshire Center.

You can register online here. For more information, call Erica at 413-443-4780 Ext.19 or check out the event page on Facebook.

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