I am well aware that winter is STILL amongst us, but forecasters are predicting there could be a massive snowstorm could be paying a visit to The Berkshires and all across New England to round out the month of January. Keep in mind, this is a pre-mature call as the exact track of precipitation exactly determines if this "so-called storm" heads north and here are the likely components on whether this is a hit OR a miss:

According to our sources at AccuWeather, if this system pushes out east and heads across the Atlantic Ocean, we could have a combination of a rain or snow mix with plain rain across the coastal areas. That would be the most favorable move that we could all deal with regarding this inclement weather.

But, the second scenario could prove otherwise: If this storm heads west, then get ready to break out the shovels and snow blowers as a 50 mile radius will make the difference and we could be talking about a "noreaster" which means a good portion of your weekend time will be spent digging out of this mess.

Of course, we are just days away from the actual storm, but one of my reliable sources says otherwise: News 10, Albany, New York Chief Meteorologist Steve Caporizzo sent me an e-mail informing me if this storm hits, it won't take place until the weekend (early Saturday) and here is what he wrote as I have relied on his weather wisdom and friendship for the past three plus decades: 

"Right you are all set Friday....Clouds/Flurries Boston...IF the storm comes up you will be long gone to Florida...it arrives during the day Saturday."

Yes, I value his expertise as I'll be heading south for a long awaited getaway to Fort Lauderdale late Friday afternoon, so all prayers are in full swing that I'm airborne and I won't have to deal with this latest round of Ol' Man Winter's wrath prior to or during my trip. God willing, when I return on Monday, this would seem like it never happened (let's hope so), but my thoughts will be with all of you here in the beautiful Berkshires and across the tri-state region.

2 more words before I close out this article: "THINK SPRING"

(Some of the statistical information featured in this article, courtesy of Accu Weather.com)

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