The last time I saw a coyote was at the radio station (WSBS) in Great Barrington. I looked out the window and saw one in the backfield. That was probably about five or six years ago. I have definitely heard coyotes more than actually seeing them, especially when visiting my in-laws, particularly in the summer. They live in a rural area of Berkshire County and I do remember times when we would be sitting around their fires toasting marshmallows and we would hear howling off in the distance. The howls were really prevalent on those mid-summer nights. Below is an example that a user posted on YouTube which is similar to the type of howling we heard around those fires albeit this video has a lot more howling activity compared to what I have heard.

Did You Know a Massachusetts Man Was Recently Bit by a Coyote in Broad Daylight? 

I bring up the coyote howls and my experiences of hearing coyotes in the Berkshires because I recently read an article where a Massachusetts man was bit by a coyote outside of a bank in broad daylight. This story was reported by the Associated Press and you can read more about the biting incident by going here.

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Are Coyotes in Massachusetts Becoming More Aggressive?

The Associated Press article mentioned that there have been several reports of aggressive coyotes throughout Massachusetts in recent years. supports this claim by stating that coyotes rarely attack people but attacks on people in urban areas are increasing due to the increasing numbers of coyotes in Massachusetts.

What Should I Do If a Coyote Approaches or Follows Me

You don't want to run from them. Instead, you'll want to act aggressively back toward the coyote by waving your arms, shouting, etc. You can learn about more ways to protect yourself from coyotes by going here. What do you say? Are you seeing more coyote activity lately?

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