As the country starts to see a slight decline in gas and oil prices, it doesn't necessarily mean the damage hasn't been done.

The price of gas and oil rose sharply this spring to unprecedented levels. Gas prices in Massachusetts hit the $5 dollar mark for the first time in June, oil nearly the same, higher at one point.

Who's to blame? Not one person or thing in particular, really. The war in Ukraine, pent up demand for travel, inflation all seem to be factors.

Unfortunately, however, for Sweatland/Payless Oil at 25 Industrial Dr. in Pittsfield since 1921, it means the end of their tenured business. The following is from Sweatland's website...

Sweatland Facebook
Sweatland Facebook

Dear customer,

To our great sadness this notice is to advise you that we will be stopping oil delivery and service operations on the 21st of July. The decision has been reached because of staffing issues and substantial volatility in the energy markets. We want to give you sufficient time to select an alternate supplier for oil and service before winter.

We will honor credit balances and work through other issues with you. We ask that you settle all outstanding balances due. Please contact the office for additional information and please be patient for a response. The office will be open through July 22.

We sincerely regret this inconvenience and thank you for your years of patronage.

Sweatland has aligned with Don Davis to cover any contractual obligation with customers.

The full statement can be found at

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