This Sunday, Halloween will bring out ghosts and goblins galore but October 31st is also reserved for paranormal activity and it STILL remains rampant in the Berkshires, as the town of Sheffield in south county is home to Thom Reed-UFO Monument Park. This facility continues to draw curious crowds throughout the tri-state region and all across the nation. The 1969 incident of a UFO sighting on that particular stretch of land perpendicular to the town's covered bridge made international headlines.

A little background on this historical event: Thom's father, Dr. Howard Reed was a local attorney and politician who was instrumental in getting the UFO incident involving the Reed family to the attention of The United Nations proving the actual incident was officially archived and historically true in The United States of America. This incident was also documented and mentioned to the U.N. on October 2nd, 1992 in support of GA-33/426.

On a sad note, Dr. Reed passed away under mysterious circumstances (ironically on October 2nd) as Thom Reed-UFO Monument Park was built in his memory which to this day remains eternal and everlasting. The UFO Park and this historical moment aforementioned was the subject of a recent documentary entitled "Unsolved Mysteries: Berkshires UFO"

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The incorporated name has been designated as "Thom Reed-UFO Monument Park" and has gained recognition in Boston, hence the plaque pictured above. the facility's slogan resonates worldwide "Judgement Free and Free To The Public".

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This monumental location recently hosted the very first historical UFO wedding during the summer months as Arno and Kathy Pinsonnault exchanged their vows in front of exclusive relatives and friends (I was also honored to be in attendance for this unique ceremony) The Honorable Judge Kevin Titus (pictured behind the happy couple) presided in this momentous occasion.

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The wedding reception at neighboring Dewey Hall also showed a paranormal flavor to this interesting afternoon as Arno showed off a UFO model of a flying saucer abducting his wife-to-be. This is a prime example of how the park is generating tons of buzz and is attracting visitors from all corners.

Thom extends a BIG thank you to Ryan, Morgan and Teri Davis as this trio continues to maintain and beautify the property with diligence and hard work. You're welcome to stop over and stroll the grounds, but if you see some paranormal activity on the grounds, be forewarned.

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Here is a sneak peek at The UFO Home Studios manned by it's proprietor as Thom hosts a broadcast entitled Inner Space TV. He discusses the paranormal in detail and on Monday's show (November 1st) actress and park supporter Ava Groves will discuss her new horror film entitled "Go Straight To Hell" as the Halloween theme continues to resonate one day later. For more details, log to to the UFO Park web site by going here

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Other news pertaining to the park: The legendary B.B. King has a connection to this facility as his daughter, Rita has agreed to share a plaque in the Sheffield park with Tyrone Vaughn to memorialize those we've loved and lost. Thom has just completed a documentary entitled "R.T. International in Russia and Spain" which will air in a few weeks. Log on to the UFO Park's web site for more details.

If you would like join Thom's exclusive group on Facebook, click here for more information. He is also a semi-regular guest on our south county airwaves as these topics and many more items of interest will be discussed in detail.

(Photos used in this article displayed by permission courtesy of Thom Reed, the web site and Thom Reed-UFO Monument Park, Berkshire UFO Facebook page)

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