Guaranteed, this is NOT one of my favorite topics to discuss as I am NOT a fan of reptiles in any size, shape or form. Let me elaborate further: It's summer and wildlife surfaces at locations where you least expect them. As temperatures remain scorching across the US, snakes of all shapes and sizes are soaking in the summer sun (yes, you heard right, snakes) including an enormous boa constrictor, who found it's way slithering into the streets of Lexington, Massachusetts.

Photo by Steven Brown on Unsplash
Photo by Steven Brown on Unsplash

Reports indicate the snake was someone's house pet (I can't imagine how that could be possible) but stranger things have happened in this wild and crazy world. Countless "exotic type pets" escape or are abandoned by their owners every year, with the summer months being the most common for reptiles to pull a Houdini, thanks to the allure of warmer weather. Another reason why I am NOT a fan of the 3 H's. Lately, it sure feels like Florida all across Massachusetts and our neighboring tri-state region. can we fast forward to fall?

Timber rattlesnake up close,crotalus horribus

The snake sighting in our area was situated in Lexington, northwest of Boston and out of all places witnesses claim it was roaming behind a CVS pharmacy in the middle of town. The "good news" is that local residents described the snake as “very docile,” guessing that it was a pet that either escaped or was abandoned by its owner. Residents reported the snake to police as they proceeded to contact the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

According to a post on The Lexington Police Department's Facebook page:

“Mass Wildlife reports that the snake does not pose a threat to anyone. However, it should not be touched or approached".

It’s certainly possible this unwelcome sight boa escaped as snakes are master escape artists and they will take advantage of any gaps or loose lids in an enclosure. There’s also a distinct possibility that it was abandoned, especially considering their large size. Think twice before doing this:

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In Massachusetts, pet abandonment is illegal, even if they have scales instead of fur. In nearly all of our 50 states, abandoning any type of animal is classified as animal abuse. When it comes to exotic pets, abandonment isn’t just illegal and cruel but it can also have serious, far-reaching consequences to the community.

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Here in south county, we are located in front of a swamp as Jesse and I have seen our share of water snakes slithering at the front entrance or in our transmitter room. Fortunately, they have NOT made their way in the studios and that's a good thing if you ask me!

BOTTOM LINE: Leave these creatures in their natural habitat. Plus, if you decide to go towards that avenue, take responsibility for your actions!

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