Bay State residents: Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Here's a suggestion. Take a road trip to Claverack, New York and check out a show simply entitled "It's Only A Play". Terrence McNally's hilarious comedy comes alive at The Marilyn and Bob Laurie gallery located at the Claverack Library on route 9-H just off route 23 in neighboring Columbia county.

The presentation is a comedy with serious overtones as the plot focuses on the cast and crew of a play entitled "The Golden Egg" made it's debut on Broadway. Instead of partying hearty with celebrities, they all congregate in the bedroom of a Manhattan townhouse as they await TV and social media reviews regarding their performances on the great stage.


The ensemble cast features Mark Leinung as playwright Peter Austin who is anxious to find out how his show panned out at The Ethel Barrymore Theater. He tries to bring a sense of calm and normalcy, but you can tell there is anticipation in his character and it shows during his scenes.


Fred Sirois portrays James Wicker, the star of this show as he also acts as the group's straight man. His baritone voice resonates in more ways than one throughout this presentation and is successful in injecting his own brand of humor to the coveted role.


A Berkshire county talent from North Adams, Jackie DiGiorgis is wonderful as Virginia Noyes who drowns her sorrows with pills and alcohol after returning to the theater from the left coast. She opts to take center stage after a failed movie career, but did she make the right move to turn her career around?

attachment-Bill-Jack Cassidy

Bill Solley is wonderful as the show's director Sir Frank Finger as his mannerisms  reminded me of the late, great Jack Cassidy who also was instrumental in theatrical efforts. Bill was a mirror image of this iconic actor and resembles him physically. His comic relief truly added zest to the play. Brian Yorck portrayed theater critic Ira Drew who unveils a startling surprise before the presentation is completed (I won't spill the beans on this one as your mandatory presence is requested)


Saving the best for last, a salute to my theatrical pals: Constance Lopez was magnificent as the play's producer, Julia Budder as her dwelling serves as the main locale that is transpiring before your very eyes. Her strong presence and delivery is a true asset to this show. Karissa Payson added her ebullient presence as Augusta "Gus" Head, a star-struck coat check girl who is destined for bigger and better things upon her arrival to The Big Apple.

Director Stephen Sanborn guides this cast in high fashion as these events presented in this show truly serve as factual interpretations of nail biting and curiosity when performers looked forward to critics responses after their debut on stage. The comedy is realistic in nature and serves as a war of nerves, but each member of this group supports one another during this nerve wracking experience.

WARNING: Due to intensive subject matter and raw language, this production is for mature audiences and not intended for youngsters 12 years of age and under.

(Photo and slide images of "It's Only A Play" exclusively used by permission from the show's director, Stephen Sanborn)

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