Recently, we featured 8 celebrities that were born in Massachusetts (that gallery is listed below) and we told you where in Massachusetts they were born. We went back and did some more digging and found 21 more celebrities who were born in the Bay State. Some of them were born near the Berkshires. I was quite surprised to see who ended up on the list. There are still even more celebs that we will include in the future on another list. So, let's not delay any longer. It's time to find out where in Massachusetts these 21 celebs were born.

21 More Celebs Born in Massachusetts: See Where They Were Born

8 Celebrities Born in Massachusetts: 2 Were Born in the Berkshires

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Stacker used data from the 2020 County Health Rankings to rank every state's average life expectancy from lowest to highest. The 2020 County Health Rankings values were calculated using mortality counts from the 2016-2018 National Center for Health Statistics. The U.S. Census 2019 American Community Survey and America's Health Rankings Senior Report 2019 data were also used to provide demographics on the senior population of each state and the state's rank on senior health care, respectively.

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Gallery Credit: Hannah Lang

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Our celebrity list up above turned out to be quite a diversified list as we had plenty of actors/actresses, athletes, musicians and more.  As I mentioned in the previous list, we certainly hold our own when it comes to celebs being born in our state. I had no idea about Rob Zombie, Uma Thurman and Bobby Brown. But as the saying goes, you learn something new everyday.  Are there any celebrities on this list that you didn't know were born in Massachusetts? Look for an additional list soon as we aren't running out of celebrity options anytime soon. See below our original list of the 8 Celebs born in Massachusetts.

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