You're obviously a genius . . . but the way you're a genius is different now than it was ten years ago.  And according to an article by Yahoo it will be different again, ten years from now.  You're just that versatile and amazing.

A new study out of MIT found our intelligence peaks in different ways at different ages.  Here's what you're the smartest at during different points in your life . . .

Age 18 to 19:  Your speed and ability to process information peaks.

Age 25 to 35:  Your short-term memory is strongest.

Age 30:  You have the best memory for people's faces.

Ages 40 to 50:  It's your ability to evaluate emotions.

Age 60:  Language finally makes sense to you and your vocabulary and grammar get better.

Age 60 to 70:  You crystallize all the knowledge you've gathered over your life to make the most informed, wise decisions.

Then, I guess,you die?



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