Do you feel like your Christmas spirit is still fully intact?  Or are the holidays all about stress and spending now?

A recent poll asked people what age they were when their Christmas spirit preaked.  And the average answer was . . . 14 years old.

After that, it starts to feel less and less magical.  Although it probably goes back up a little once you have kids.

The poll also asked people about old holiday traditions, and whether they still do them or not.  Here are five traditions that are now considered outdated.  The vast majority of us don't plan on doing them this year . . .

1.  Going door-to-door singing Christmas carols.

2.  Making a gingerbread house.

3.  Drinking eggnog.

4.  Hanging mistletoe.

5.  Tipping your mailman.  At least two holiday traditions are still GAINING in popularity though:  Secret Santa gift exchanges, and ugly sweater parties.


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