Have you ever gone somewhere, and it took longer to find parking than it did to drive there?  According to a new study, the average American wastes 17 hours a year looking for parking spots.  And in big cities it's way worse.

New Yorkers waste 107 hours a year looking for parking, which is more than any other city.  That's about four-and-a-half days worth of driving around being frustrated.

The rest of the top five cities are Los Angeles, 85 hours . . . San Francisco, 83 hours . . . D.C., 65 hours . . . and Seattle, 58 hours.

When you factor in all that wasted time and gas, it costs the average American $345 a year to find parking.  And when we have to pay for parking, we actually overpay to the tune of $97 a year.

Being that cautious pays off though.  The survey found the average American only gets about one parking ticket every five years.

The only two cities were people average more than one ticket a year are New York and Los Angeles

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