Well this seems like a terrible thing to recommend people do in this day and age.

According to a new study out of Washington State University, people can reduce their stress at work by . . . flirting with their coworkers.

Quote, "When flirtation is enjoyed, it makes the recipient feel good about themselves, it makes them feel attractive, included, and powerful.  These are all psycho social resources that lead to the reduction of stress."

But . . . the researchers say there are a lot of caveats here.  One, you shouldn't flirt with your boss, since that can cause so many problems.  Two, don't start telling offensive or sexually explicit stories at work . . . flirting is much more subtle than that.

And three, make sure the person you're flirting with iscool with it and you already have a strong, positive relationship with them.  Because you never want to come close to sexual harassment territory.

Quote, "We are definitely not saying, 'Go out tomorrow and flirt with colleagues that you've never flirted with."


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