The Massachusetts Trial Court this month is rolling out an ePay system to courts across the state. The web-based system is now online for Northern Berkshire, Southern Berkshire and Central Berkshire District Courts.

"People expect to be able to make court-related payments online, just like they can for most services," said Northern Berkshire District Court Clerk Magistrate Timothy Morey in a prepared statement that mirrored those made by other court clerks throughout the state.

To make an online payment, all that is required is an internet connection, a valid credit card or PayPal account, and the case number.

"EPay is less disruptive and much more convenient than having to pay fees in person, and doesn't require taking time off from work to get to the courthouse," Morey said.

Statewide, the trial court receives more than 200,000 in-person payments, cash or check, every year.

The system — which allows for payment of probation fees, victim witness fees, and most other criminal assessments — requires a 3.5 percent surcharge. Those who wish to avoid the "convenience fee" can still pay their fines and fees in person at the district courts.

Users will be emailed a receipt, which they are advised to hold onto as proof of payment.

The system will also allow users to check the remaining balance of their fees.

The payment of a fee or fine does not nullify any outstanding warrants, which must be resolved in person at court.

Payments can be made at


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