Veteran municipal clerks say a candidate seeking write-in votes from Clarksburg to Sheffield is unprecedented in recent memory, as voters gear up to settle the Berkshire District Attorney race Tuesday.

The Berkshire Eagle reports several communities plan to have additional poll workers on hand to count anticipated write-in votes.

Clerks anticipate a long night, but couldn't predict when they would have final city and town results. Typically, cities and towns with machines that electronically scan ballots can announce unofficial tallies as early as 20 minutes after polls close, provided that there are few, if any, write-in votes.

While the name of Democratic candidate Andrea Harrington is the only one that appears on Tuesday's ballot for district attorney, the man who holds the post, Paul Caccaviello, decided to mount a write-in campaign after losing the party primary Sept. 4 to Harrington by about 700 votes. Judith Knight finished third in the three-way race. Republicans didn't field a candidate.

Dalton, Williamstown, Lenox, and North Adams are among the Berkshire municipalities beefing up staff at the polls Tuesday, anticipating a long night.


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