Happy New Year and welcome to 2022. With a new year rolling in, plenty of states have new bans and/or laws kicking off the year. One ban that caught my eye (because it is food-related) takes effect on Jan. 1 in the state of New York. If you're a Massachusetts resident (or a resident of any state for that matter) and you're planning on dining in New York, no longer will your leftovers be provided to you in those foam containers nor will the food be supplied in those containers if you call your food in for pick-up. It's hard to imagine foam containers going away as they have been around for decades. However, in Massachusetts, you'll still see them.

According to New York's Department of Environmental Conservation, the reason for the ban on styrofoam (or if you prefer the technical term "polystyrene") containers is to continue to keep the environment clean and safe for wildlife. Styrofoam cups, bowls, you name it, are now banned in New York. By the way, those foam-packing peanuts are now history as well. You can read more about the New York ban by going here.

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Massachusetts, including many towns in the Berkshires, has done a great job on the ban of the distribution of thin-film, single-use plastic bags as they too are harmful to the environment. While some towns in Massachusetts may have a ban on styrofoam products it isn't a full state ban as it is now in the state of New York. One can imagine though that it won't be long until Massachusetts jumps on board but we'll see. Are you for or against the ban?

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