Pittsfield is quite the city here in the Berkshires, offering many vibrant cultural attractions and natural beauty. Whatever your interest, Pittsfield has something for everyone. Think about all the city has to offer. You can take in some art and/or history at the Berkshire Museum or Herman Melville's Arrowhead. Capture some live entertainment at Barrington Stage Company, Colonial Theatre, or the Whitney Center for the Arts to name a few. Perhaps you want to explore the outdoors, there are plenty of options for you including Canoe Meadows, Pittsfield State Forest and there's food/restaurant options galore. In 2017, the Arts Vibrancy Index compiled by the National Center for Arts Research ranked Pittsfield and Berkshire County as the No. 1 medium-sized community in the nation for the arts.

With so much to explore in Pittsfield, did you ever wonder what the city looked like many years ago? If so, we have photos of Pittsfield way back in the day along with what the city looks like in modern times so you can see the comparisons. The modern-day photos are mainly from 2016.

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Let's take a step back in time and explore (then and now) downtown Pittsfield.

Pittsfield: Then and Now

Thanks to The Berkshires Remembered Facebook page for sharing all of these beautiful and historical photos of one of the Berkshires' beloved cities.

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