Every once in a while (perhaps more often) we will hear about unusual stories that either entertain, make you scratch your head, make you shake your head, or perhaps, even invoke anger. I saw the following story come across the local Facebook group Bitching in the Berkshires (a private group but you can request to become a member and view the photos once approval is granted for you to join) and this just had to be shared.

A member of the group posted the story and it goes like this.

The member pulled into a parking spot at Walmart in Pittsfield recently and watched a lady go over to the cart with her items in hand. The Facebook group member noted that at first it was thought that the lady was going to return some items. No problem there. People do that every day. However, that wasn't the case. By the way, the woman's child was watching her from the car as she put her items in the cart. The lady didn't go inside Walmart, instead, she put her items down in the seat of the cart and then walked back to her car. Curious about this, the Facebook group member walked over to the cart, and the lady was watching, and found that the lady left trash (chicken wings from Price Chopper, water bottle, and car air freshener) in the seat of the cart. According to the member, there was a trash can nearby and the member threw the trash away in the appropriate receptacle.

Is this just laziness or lack of common courtesy? What are your thoughts?

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