Do you love Dunkin’ more than my four-year old son?  I’d be hard pressed to believe you do…even if around half of Massachusetts has had Dunkin’ in the past thirty days.

My wife and I usually treat him to a donut from Dunkin’ each weekend when we’re out and about.  He loves the chocolate frosted with sprinkles.  Well, this past weekend we went late in the day, and they were all out of donuts.  My wife and I looked at each other with panic in our eyes.  Four-year-old kids aren’t known for their reason or patience, so let’s just say there was an epic meltdown in the back of our car.

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On the plus side, there was a lesson learned about not always getting what you want.  At the same time, he can recognize the Dunkin’ logo, know they have donuts, and knows where they are in north county.  He’s turning into a true New Englander…because we love our Dunkin’.

How much is Dunkin’ engrained in our lives?

According to Dunkin’s website, there are 1083 stores in Massachusetts.  That averages out to about one Dunkin’ for every 6,278 people, which is pretty crazy.  There’re so many stores, it actually distorts how Massachusetts ranks in fast food consumption.  With Dunkin’, we’re in the top 25 states.  If you take Dunkin’ away, we’re just about near the bottom.  That said, we’re one of the least obese states out there also, so take that as you will.

Different surveys have shown that around half, to just over half of the population in Massachusetts and New Hampshire have consumed food or drink from Dunkin’ in the past thirty days.  Obviously, count me and my family as part of that.  There’s a real good chance that goes for you.  Also, Dunkin’ was ranked ahead of Tom Brady in popularity around here…during the time he played for the Patriots and was winning Super Bowls!

Dunkin' Donuts To Challenge Starbucks For Coffee Supremacy
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I don’t know if America runs on Dunkin’, but the Northeast certainly does.  Maybe it’s because they’re a hometown hero from Massachusetts that made it big.  Maybe they’re food and drinks taste that good.  Maybe it’s just convenience and price.  Maybe it’s parents like myself introducing it to their kids.  Maybe it’s a mix of all those factors.

Whatever the case, my son has learned a lesson in not always getting what he wants, and my wife and I have learned a lesson...of not going late in the day.

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