Who do you think is the richest person living in Massachusetts?

If like me you guessed Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots…you’d be wrong.  To be fair, Robert Kraft did come in at #2, with an estimated net worth of $8.3 billion dollars according to Forbes.  However, the richest person in Massachusetts is…

Abigail Johnson!

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Intensely private, Abigail Johnson is 60 years old, and she’s the president and CEO of Fidelity International, which is a financial services/wealth management corporation.  She became CEO in 2014.  Her grandfather, Edward Johnson II, founded it back in 1946, which is located in Boston.  Her estimated net worth is around $25 billion dollars, making her the wealthiest resident of Massachusetts!

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For the record, the second wealthiest person was Edward Johnson III (Abigail’s father) until he passed away less than a month ago.  Now, Robert Kraft is #2, followed by Abigail’s brother, Edward Johnson IV, at #3 and worth about $7 billion dollars.  While it’s certainly not the only reason for success and wealth, but being born into a wealthy family sure doesn’t hurt, huh?

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Can you imagine being worth $25 billion dollars?  Can you imagine never having to worry about paying rent, mortgage, health bills, food, car, insurance, or...anything?

Like many people I live basically paycheck to paycheck.  Our stations have a win cash promotion going on through most of April, with a 2k daily prize and a 10k grand prize, and I think how much I can use that money (heck I could use $15 for lunch today).  Then, I think of how $10k is literally inconsequential for the richest in our society and get depressed.

So, there you go…from Boston, MA, Abigail Johnson is the richest person in the state!


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