Author: Jesse Stewart

Over the past couple of months, we have been sharing with you, lists of celebrities that were born in Massachusetts. As we continue our research, we have been discovering more and more celebrities that were born in the Bay State. Many of the celebrities on the list were born in beautiful Berkshire County as well. We definitely found some surprises during our research. People from many walks of life are on this list including musicians, actors, actresses, models, social media influencers, historical figures, politicians, comedians, and many more.

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There's no doubt that Massachusetts including Berkshire County has much to offer including a variety of art, culture, natural landscapes, and the beauty that the four seasons bring to our area year-round. In addition, we are proud to say that we hold our own when showcasing celebrities that were born in Massachusetts. We have added to our existing mega list. If you don't see someone on this list that was born in Massachusetts, don't worry, there's more to come. Do any of these surprise you?

Celebrities Born in Massachusetts Including the Berkshires

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