Would I watch a scary movie sealed in a coffin? Well maybe for a large amount of money and a quart of whiskey. Thing is, this is about to happen.

On Sunday, Swedish film festival patrons will be able to watch the post-apocalyptic thriller Aniara...while sealed in a coffin.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the "sarcophagus screenings" will see eight volunteers at a time watching the movie while sealed into specially-made caskets decked out with screens, speakers and, yes, air vents.

The claustrophobic setting reportedly reflects the movie's plot, which centers on a group of materialistic people who get knocked off course while traveling to Mars.

The festival's director, Jonas Holmberg tells the trade publication that the movie is "a metaphor for Earth, that the future of our planet could be this kind of sarcophagus, floating alone through space as we use up our natural resources."

He adds that the sarcophagus screenings can "take the experience of the film, and the apocalypse, further. To take the sense of aloneness [sic] and claustrophobia and strengthen it."

So far, 33 special screenings have been arranged during the festival, which wraps on January 31.

The movie runs one hour and 46 minutes -- but the coffins come with a red panic button if you just can't last that long.

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