Kirsten Rose has a good head for facts.  reports that is what made her a successful librarian. And that is what got her on a California sound stage as a contestant on "Jeopardy!"
But that is not going to do you much good if you press her for many details about her experience on the show, which airs July 11.
Like any "Jeopardy!" contestant, she is obligated to keep the result of the game a secret.
And, no doubt like many, there's a lot that even the keenest mind may not totally recall.
"It looks exactly the way you'd think it does, and it's also this very surreal … It's very surreal because it looks the same and different from how you would picture it. It's very strange.
"I think at some point, your brain has trouble compensating. How do you keep up with that? There's so much stimuli coming in."
Good Luck Kirsten from WNAW and all of Berkshire County !

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