The reports the Zoning Board of Appeals on Thursday opened a hearing on an application to erect a cell phone tower in South Williamstown.
Pittsfield's Evolution Site Services is seeking a special permit to erect a 165-foot tall, self-supported lattice tower on a parcel owned by the Phelps family neighboring the campus of the Mount Greylock Regional School.
The proposal drew objections from several residents of Oblong Road who were concerned about the impact on the view shed in the neighborhood and from the director of recreational enterprises for Field Farm, a 316-acre Trustees of Reservations property that abuts the Phelps property.
The ZBA continued Thursday's hearing to a site visit on March 24 (rain date March 31) at 9 a.m., when Evolution will conduct the balloon test called for in the town's bylaw so board members can assess the visual impact of the proposed tower. No decision on the application is expected until at least the board's April 15 meeting.

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