After years of anticipation and dealing with a cramped, inadequate headquarters, all 13 officers on Tuesday relocated to the new police station on Simonds Road at the corner of Sand Springs Road.

The Berkshire Eagle  reports The $5.25 million project has been a smooth ride since construction began in June 2018, according to Town Manager Jason Hoch.

The 12,000-square-foot station is built around the former Turner House, a shelter for homeless veterans that closed a few years ago. The town bought it for $300,000 in 2017.

All the furniture and technology is new and in place at the new headquarters; personnel needed to simply move the contents of their lockers.

The sallyport entrance will allow officers to drive a prisoner into the building and close the door, meaning the prisoner is never outside. The holding cells are just inside a second door, as is processing and interview space. The prisoners are never in a place that can be seen by the public. There are separate spaces for interviewing witnesses and victims. None of these necessities exist in the old station.

The dispatch center will be outfitted with new technology and have quicker access to restrooms and break area.


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