Voters will choose between two diametrically opposed zoning bylaws on outdoor commercial pot production at next month's annual town meeting.
iBerkshires.Com reports the Planning Board on Thursday decided not to try to alter the language of a bylaw proposal it approved back in March for the planned May town meeting.
That means the  board's draft, which would make outdoor marijuana cultivation impossible throughout the town, will be opposed by a bylaw placed on the town meeting warrant by citizens petition that would allow commercial outdoor growth by special permit in the town's three rural residence districts.
The Planning Board held a virtual meeting Thursday, gathering for the first time in three months. And the planners considered whether they should take advantage of the time between now and the planned Aug. 18 annual town meeting to reconsider the prohibition on outdoor production embedded in their proposal.
The issue came up because the board members did agree to try to take another look at a different bylaw amendment they are putting before voters at town meeting.

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