With the mission in hand for property that will house a new fire station, officials are looking ahead to the next steps in what will likely be a two-year process.

The Berkshire Eagle reports the first priority will be hiring a firm to study the department's needs on the design front.

The new station will be built on the former Lehovec property on Main Street. The committee, which oversees the Fire District, purchased the property on Main Street for $400,000 in April.

The department is currently working out of the station on Water Street, built in 1950, that houses four fire trucks in three bays and gear for 21 firefighters. When there's a call, firefighters are forced to gear up in the bays between fire trucks that could be moving at any time.

Notsley said the new station should have at least four bays, and a bunk room on the second floor because "we foresee maybe 10 to 20 years down the line, we could have full-time firefighters along with the [volunteer] firefighters."

Part of the issue is the size of modern trucks, which have significantly grown in size and capability since 1950. And he said, the department needs a tanker truck to help fight fires outside the town water system.

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