The Conservation Commission on Thursday took more than an hour's worth of testimony on the notion of putting a cell tower at Margaret Lindley Park. reports it took Commissioner Robert Hatton about 20 seconds to render it all moot.

"I can't see sacrificing Margaret Lindley Park for any reason whatsoever."

And that one unambiguous objection to the idea was all it took to send Verizon Wireless back to the Zoning Board of Appeals, which this winter suggested that the applicant explore the notion of sighting their monopole tower on town-owned land.

Verizon is before the ZBA in a hearing that opened in the fall to seek a special permit to erect the tower on a private parcel across Route 2 from Margaret Lindley Park, in the lot behind the former Taconic Restaurant at 1161 Cold Spring Road (Route 7).

Faced with fierce opposition from residents who feel the Cold Spring Road site will harm views for area residents and mar the gateway to town, the ZBA suggested a possible solution: putting the tower at the park, where it would, theoretically, be tucked back in the woods and where the revenue for Verizon's use of the land would accrue to the town.

Town Conservation Agent Andrew Groff told the commission he would consult with the Department of Public Works as soon as possible to see what could be done to help address the issue.


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