It was several years ago now when Rutha Mae “Gaggie” Golden was interviewed for a documentary that filmmakers were making about the life of her famous son and treasured member of the Oak Ridge Boys, William Lee Golden. In that documentary, she was asked about the ideals that she hoped to instill in her children.

Her answer was simple.

“Our children were brought up to respect others, to be honest (and) care for their fellow man,” the elder Golden said to the camera.

It’s this piece of footage of Golden's late mother that now lives within the music video for William Lee Golden and the Goldens' version of the uplifting song “If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again,” but will also forever live within Golden's heart.

“I couldn't help it but get emotional,” says the Grand Ole Opry member of the first time he watched the completed music video, premiering exclusively on Taste of Country.

“My mother passed away in 2008, so when I heard her voice again, it brought tears to my eyes," he admits, pausing before adding, "Every day should be Mother's Day if you ask me.”

“If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again” is currently featured on the new three-album set Golden Classics from William Lee Golden and the Goldens.

“This song takes me back to my childhood,” Golden reflects. “I wanted to take my kids back to where it all started with me and my sister, when Granddaddy Golden was a fiddle player and had a radio show that we would sing on. When you're a small kid, you don't know that times like these are actually preparing you a lifetime of joy making music and singing songs with your family.”

The video features not only pictures of Golden’s mother, but also Rose Frogrene Normand, Golden's ex-wife and the mother of Golden’s three oldest sons. Unfortunately, during the recording process for the album Golden Classics, Golden and his sons found out that Normand had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

“We were dealing with that while also deciding what songs that we were going to be recording and rehearsing,” remembers Golden. “Thank God that through modern technology and medicine, they were able to get her to Nashville and they were able to do some procedures at Vanderbilt (University Medical Center) that helped to extend her life to be for another year almost.”

Normand passed away on July 2, 2020.

“My kids are extremely talented,” Golden says quietly, “But their mother’s family were great singers and talented musicians. And so, I can't take all the credit.”

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