Let's face it: Living in the "beautiful Berkshires" has it's positive moments. But where I reside, there is a negative and I'm talking about a lack of phone service in the village of Housatonic. I can receive calls and text messages, but cannot follow-up as the terrain does NOT permit me to complete any business on my cell phone. Location, location, location. that seems to be the rule of thumb.

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To add more insult to injury, land line service is down and that poses a problem as we have become a community that cannot utilize telephone service in any way, shape or form. Add to the fact our issues with drinking and running water and the equation just does NOT make for a great combination.

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Representatives from the phone company say the land line problems will not be rectified until sometime in October as there are problems with wiring and connections, but do they realize as cell service continues it's void in certain portions of the village, this would be the only option to reach out in case of a serious emergency in the vicinity. Those so-called "executives" who run things, just do NOT get the logistics of this matter on how serious it can become (I'm talking about a matter of either life or death) and we DON'T want to go there.

An ambulance responds to the scene of an emergency.

It's just a matter of common sense; Two words: "FIX IT". in the old days, if there was a phone outage, it was universal in nature and the problem was almost rectified immediately. These days, things tend to go a bit more slower, so we just sit back and wait until this situation gets take care of . But for now, Housatonic residents have another headache to put up with (present company included!)

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