Lovers of warmer weather have been cherishing the past two days as sunny and mild temperatures around 70 have blanketed Massachusetts. Cooler temperatures are gonna set in this weekend, however, with forecasted highs in just the lower 50s.

Listeners of "Slater and Marjo" may often hear us talk about how long winters seem in the Northeast and how it really doesn't get warm around here until Memorial Day. Then the late spring snowfall conversation starts, about how awful it is to get that mid-May snowstorm.

Snowstorm in Finland.

What About Early Fall Snowfall?

When I first moved to Pittsfield in 2010, I believe it was maybe a year or two later when the infamous Halloween snowstorm dumped like a foot of snow on The Berkshires. I remember thinking that it was abnormal, but not super crazy that it was snowing in October.

So, how early would it have to snow in Massachusetts for it to feel or at least be considered strange?

Well, on September 25, 1942, a rare weather event dropped 5 inches of snow in the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin, but did not impact Massachusetts. How funky would it be to experience snow in September?!

When Was Boston, Massachusetts' Earliest Snowfall, Then?

Early October 1979.

Boston’s earliest snowfall was in October. Trace amounts of snow were recorded on October 10, 1979, according to historical data collected by

Twenty-six years later, the earliest snowfall of any significance in Boston – of one-inch or more – was recorded, in the same month, October 29, 2005.

I would be happy if snow fell for the first time this fall/winter in January! 😁

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