Checks for $1,400 started hitting bank accounts over the weekend following President Biden signing into law what he has dubbed the “The American Rescue Plan" last Thursday. If you qualify you could see the money deposited right into your bank account, you could be sent a check, or a prepaid debit card worth $1,400.

Some Americans received their money over the weekend with a direct deposit of $1,400 into their checking account. Others will have to be patient as checks for millions and millions of Americans are processed.  The timeframe for all qualified Americans to receive a direct deposit, check or debit card is by the end of March.

The IRS has set up a website link where you can check on when you might receive your $1,400 or check on past COVID relief checks. Follow this link from the IRS and then click on the tab that says “Get My Payment.” In my case no direct deposit showed up in my account and checking the IRS link it could not give me any information about when I can expect my check. The site instructed me to try again tomorrow as the site is updated once per day. A co-work of mine was able to ascertain information about her American Rescue Plan check from the IRS site that notified her she will receive her check on Wednesday.

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For individuals in addition to the $1,400 check for those making under 75k per year or less, the bill passed for those unemployed that extends unemployment benefits by $300 per week until September 6th and expands child tax credit for those that qualify.

Again, if you would like to check on when you will be receiving your American Rescue Plan check click this link to the IRS. There is no guarantee they will immediately provide you with the specific date.

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