Here's a question, Berkshire County. If somebody asked you what the Greatest Word Of All Time was, what would your answer be? I mean, first off, so many choices! Could you even narrow it down?

I know I've had quite a few favorite words over the years such as Sumptuous; Cattywampus(thanks Dad!); Hullaballou(I was very young--what can I say?); Mellifluous; and(thanks to the movie "The Princess Bride") Inconceivable!.

Those are just a few of, trust me, many examples. But could I honestly say I would consider any of them to be the "greatest word of all time"? I don't know. I don't think so. Luckily for us, has come up with the answer!... At least, the answer for now.

Recently, asked the internet community what they considered to be the Greatest Word of All Time, and after multiple rounds( almost looked like NCAA brackets) and almost 14,000 votes, the end result can finally be revealed. Any guesses?

First, let's look at some of the runners-up. Some words that were eliminated in the early rounds were "No", "Maybe", "Please", "Goodbye", "Welcome", "Friend", "Oops", and "Beautiful". All in all, some decent words, but they didn't make it.

Some words that lasted a little longer in the voting competition were "Yes", "Sorry", "Hello", "Home", "Happy", and "Awesome". Again, decent words, but not good enough to be the GWOAT.

"Thank you" made it to the final round, but wait, aren't they two words? The final victor was the word ..."Love". And really, if you stop and think about it, what other word could it be? 

As states so eloquently on the website:

Which English word is most objectively important, useful, and irreplaceable? What word, if removed from the lexicon, would leave the biggest void?

It's true. With so many words out there to describe the feeling of hate, there's really one word needed to tip the scales in a good way ...LOVE. It's a great word and it's one that should be used more often, especially nowadays.

Check out the rankings and brackets for all the "playoff" rounds to determine the Greatest Word of All Time at's website here. It's well worth it. It's a great read.

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