One of the better appetizers anyone could ask for are some form of chips and dip. Or anything that you can put in any sort of dip. It just hits the spot at certain times no matter what you're doing. You could be at a party, watching a game, at the bar just snacking, etc. It doesn't matter, it's always a great snack! So what are the best chips and dips in all of Massachusetts?

This could end up being an important part of your date night as you and your significant other prepare to watch that next episodes of 'Wednesday' that you already secretly watched while your date was running errands earlier. With the perfect chips and dip, it can make your date forget all about that possibility.

Using Google trends, the Shane Co. (yes, the same one that is a jewelry company) found what the most popular chips and dips are in every state. It seems that overall, Pringles was the most popular chip in the nation as it was the most popular in nearly 25 percent of states. Tostitos came in second while Lay's was the third most popular. However, none of those were the most popular in the Bay State. In Massachusetts, our pick for the most popular chip was Cape Cod Potato Chips.

While that should not be that surprising since Cape Cod Potato Chips do originate in Massachusetts, it should be known that we were the only state that chose the brand as our most popular. But what dip do we prefer in the Bay State?

The top dip in the nation turned out to be Guacamole. That was followed by Queso Blanco dip as the second most popular. But they were in a tie with another dip, which happens to be the most popular in Massachusetts. That dip is Hummus.

That last tweet is just really hilarious (especially if you know that meme).

But yes, along with Queso Blanco Dip, Hummus finished as the second most popular dip in the nation with 11 percent of the states choosing it as their most popular, just as Massachusetts did.

This sounds like something I could go along with. Even before moving to Massachusetts, I've been eating Cape Cod Potato Chips for so long! That's coming from a Midwest dude. That being said, with my Midwestern heritage, I think I'd definitely have to choose Ranch Dip for my go-to. It made the list, but didn't crack the top five. It looks like I'm the weirdo here. However, I do agree with David Puddy from 'Seinfeld' that dip could very well be a meal, not just a snack.

Then again, just make sure you don't double dip, like George Costanza...

But enjoy your Cape Cod Potato Chips and Hummus, Massachusetts! Just don't double dip...

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